web design, graphic design

Alexandre Collier

  1. NDC 70

    The idea was to show the appartements turning around tower by a 3D interactive motion.

  2. Les Cakes de Bertrand

    New site brand and html5 3D catalogue for the Parisian accesory brand “Les Cakes de Bertrand”.

  3. Nam Dam Vac

    The screen is dividing in 2 or 4 pages that appears onRollover providing the maximum of informations as a large overview.

  4. Ipa Nima

    Web site and prints for the fashion brand Ipa-Nima.

  5. Capital Immatéirel

    CMS Joomla! public and private article, the user can sign in to be able to go to the member area where he can dowload PDF of Capital Immatériel.

  6. Epsylum

    3D Cad Architecture production

  7. Ryuzo Nakata

    Japanese fashion designer, ex-art director of Emmanuel Ungaro.

  8. Dame Clémence

    Web site for the French creator Dame Clémence, natural perfum and masage oil in Vietnam

  9. Yoga School

    Web site for the Yoga school in Hanoi

  10. Green Journey

    Web site for the rally promoting sustainable development and mobility

  11. Bocuse d'Or

    Web site for the prestigious food contest organised by the famous French chef Paul Bocuse

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