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Alexandre Collier

  1. Soleil Provence School

    French and English language school in Japan

  2. Ecopark

    Urban project in South-East Asia.

  3. Ho Guom Plaza

    Flash web site for Ho Guom Plaza which emerges in Western Hanoi.

  4. Obesrvatoire de l'Immatériel

    Institutional site, the Observatory dedicated to measuring intangible capital.

  5. Contrefaçon Riposte

    Press portal to strike counterfeit

  6. Jean-Paul Gaultier

    Serious game on tablette to know in a ludic way the details of the Gaultier products.

  7. Thang Long N°1

    Thang Long Number One is full urban project in the new center of Hanoi.

  8. DGCIS

    Build of the new web site of DGCIS, French Ministery of Finances.

  9. Garden City

    This web site is build vertically, on the left row the text, on the right a moving row of pictures.

  10. Q'2 Solar

    Web site for the Australian renewable energy resaller

  11. Onnivas

    Web site and logo design for the consulting company Onnivas in Tokyo

  12. Ken Yang

    Web site of the artist Ken Yang in Paris. The ambiance of the site is made to restitute a classic atmosphere.

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